Message from the Principal

Welcome to the website of Aichi Prefectural Jishukan Senior High School.

In 1752, during the Edo period, our school was founded as a clan school of the Yoshida Feudal Clan, which is Toyohashi City now. The school’s rich, 268 years of history have helped shape its present state.

The name of our school, “Jishukan,” is derived from the opening line of The Analects of Confucius, which states: 「子曰く、学びて時に之を習ふ、亦た説ばしからずや」, describing Confucius’ conviction that “learning becomes delightful with constant review and application.” We eagerly encourage our students to apply this principle in practice during their time of study here.

Our students have access to greenery on grounds over 100,000 square meters. Immediately visible to the right of the main gate are the groves of our lovely woods. At the entrance of the woods, there is a stone monument that states 「みずから考え、自ら成す」. In front of the classroom buildings, there is another monument inscribed with the words 「学即不固」. These stones have been erected to advise our students and respectively state “Learning succeeds contemplation as a matter of course” and “Learning begets versatility.” My wish, following in the spirit of those aforementioned stones, is for our students to learn dignity and liveliness of mind.

Our school was designated as a Super Science High School (SSH) in 2008. This year, our school is designated as an Aichi Global High School (AGH). Through an exchange program with our sister schools in England and Germany, we will bring up our students to acquire knowledge and internationality so that they will become experts in the field of technology and leaders who will play active roles globally.

This website will be updated frequently in the future with news and activities of our school. I would like to invite all of our visitors to check back soon for more information.